Medical Field

Medical Field

An exciting design project that aims to refresh the branding and product visuals for a dedicated doctor and their line of vitamins and creams. This comprehensive project spans a range of creative elements, including vibrant social media posts, attention-grabbing web banners, and informative flyers, all designed to showcase the doctor’s commitment to health and wellness.

Key Elements:

  1. Social Media Post Design (Facebook & Instagram): The project begins with the creation of visually stunning social media posts that spotlight the doctor’s expertise and the benefits of their vitamin products and creams. The posts will prominently feature the calming and uplifting combination of white and orange, along with engaging graphics and informative content to connect with the audience.
  2. Web Banner Design: The website will be enhanced with web banners that reflect the doctor’s holistic approach to health and well-being. These banners will use white and orange as dominant colors to convey a sense of cleanliness, positivity, and professionalism, encouraging visitors to explore the doctor’s products and services further.
  3. Flyer Design: The project extends to the development of informative flyers that provide detailed information about the doctor’s vitamin products and creams. These flyers will be both visually appealing and educational, using the color palette to evoke feelings of trust and vitality.

(Designs made while working at Onlike Content Marketing Agency)

Dr. Balint
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