Kids& Toys

A vibrant design project that captures the essence of joy, imagination, and playfulness of a toy store. This exciting endeavor encompasses a range of creative elements, including a captivating flyer, an eye-catching roll-up banner, and engaging newsletter elements, all designed to immerse children and parents alike in the magical world of toys.

Key Elements:

  1. Flyer Design: The project begins with the creation of an enchanting flyer that invites families to explore the wonders of the toy store. The flyer will feature whimsical illustrations of children, and playful typography to ignite the imagination and curiosity of young minds.
  2. Roll-Up Banner: The roll-up banner will serve as a larger-than-life introduction to the toy store. It will be adorned with larger-than-life illustrations of children immersed in the joy of play, surrounded by  toys. The banner will act as a visual beacon, drawing in families and creating a sense of wonder.
  3. Newsletter Elements: Engaging newsletter elements will be designed to keep parents and children informed about the latest toy arrivals, special promotions, and upcoming events. The elements will incorporate child-friendly graphics and easy-to-read text, ensuring that both kids and parents eagerly anticipate each newsletter.

(Design made while working at Onlike Content Marketing Agency)

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